giovedì 31 ottobre 2013

Drug Problems "Blurred Reality" Tapes

FINALLY! It has been a long way but right now it's done. I had to admit that it has been so much fun to design it. 50 copies made (half on black tapes, the rest in red) recorded, mixed and mastered by Luca at Lo-fi Lo-life

Many thanks to the other dudes in the band, JJ and my girlfriend Domi for spending the night helping me out to hatch-cutting all the lyrics sheet. Yes folks, 50 hand cutted inserts looking like an LSD trips sheet. This is probably the sickest idea i ever got... I know it's something insane but it totally bites and fits the artwork very well.

Get your dose of surfish 80's hardcore punk (while it lasts) writing to these drug dealers.

giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

xFast Fest 2013x Limited Edition Poster

On Saturday i'm going to have my very first art (if you can call it so...) exhibition at the awesome Fast Fest in Imola. A lot of great bands are thrashin'hard and cool people are hangin'around. If you live close by don't miss the chance to have a good time.

By the way, i wanted to celebrate this moment with something special: a limited edition of 30 hand-numbered copies poster printed on a raw heavy cardstock, 17x40 cm poster. Is there something better than a sincere middle finger? Not at all. 

P.S: i'm a little bit astonished 'cause i'm posting too much stuff for my lazy ass... High five to myself!


Drug Problems Tees & Patches

Yes! Finally tees and patches with my artworks are ready. Just in time for the euro tour that is kicking off on Halloween! Get in touch with your favourite drug dealers to buy your dose! Printed by Handjob Prints. I'm pretty happy of how they came out. Stay stoned for the tape artwork...

domenica 20 ottobre 2013

Drug Problems logo & illustration

What if you mess up heavy drinking, drugs abuse, bored jerks and the annoying fog of a shitty wasteland? The Drug Problems "Blurred Reality" tape is the result of this narcotic mix. That's what you get when you draw while being wasted... A drunken rat and a putrid typography! T-shirts will be printed next week with this design. Currently i'm working on the lyrics sheet for the demotape. Stay stoned and get addicted by listening to the recordings.

mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Le Frelon A Perruque Logo

I'm so glad Anthony asked me to create a logo for his awesome project. Le Frelon a Perruque is a cool blog focused mainly on comics and illustration with a lot of interesting things you should definetely check out. Anthony asked to me draw a hornet wearing a wig (that's the translation of the french name) and we figured out that a glam/hair metal look could have been perfect! Follow him also on Facebook


You Suck! "Bunch of Jerks"

Here's the proof that i'm lazy as fuck. This is one of my oldest designs. I think i made it back in 2012, when Shit Happens Ep have been released. What's better than a skull? Nothing but a skull with a flipped hat! Printed on t-shirts and tanks, this thrashy dude also appears on the insert of the record! Some of them are still available... just in case you are interested into it, hit us up!

Jizzüs Logo

Here's the typography i drew for the scum of rock'n'roll. Shit, puke and other disgusting things for this GG Allin inspired acid rocking punk band. It looks sick even on these DIY tye-dyed tees.

Follow them on facebook, puke at the party and shit on your body!


mercoledì 2 ottobre 2013

xPUSx "Un pezzo alla volta" 7" Ep

I already liked the previous tunes from this band and that's why i'm so stoked these dudes asked me to draw some shit for their upcoming record! Killer fast hardcore band from Venice, Italy that will blow your head off! Stay tuned 'cause this record will be out soon and only 100 copies will be printed! Black&white artwork with folded record sleeve.

In the meantime check their old stuff on Bandcamp and follow them 'cause they rip!

Skatemerda 3 Poster

I totally forgot about posting it! By the way, here's the poster i drew for the long waited typical summer event: a skateboard contest in a skatepark filled with real horse shit. Like every year it has been funny as hell with beers (for the first time cold!), skateboards, more shit than ever, shitloads of friends, sun, fun and killer bands.

20 copies printed on a cream thick paper, 20x42 cm. All sold out.

Can't wait for the next year party! It's gonna be sick!