sabato 21 dicembre 2013

Skate or Die...Skating Custom Deck

In the last weeks i've been busy with this total shredder. I manually shaped this coffin out an old skateboard deck in a total DIY way. Suddenly i scratched out the old graphic because i felt the need to paint on it. Pen, acrylic paint, markers and here you are with an old crippled die-hard skater followed by the usual putrid typography i like to draw.

I was thinking about using it for pushin'around my lazy ass in the shitty town where i live but right now i don't know if i will skate it for real... Right now it's hangin' on my wall...

Another one is in the making. Write me if you want a custom deck too!



martedì 10 dicembre 2013

Fidenza City Rockers Poster

Legs without a body riding a skateboard. That's pretty sick and i don't know why i did it. No hidden meaning, just sick thoughts running through my mind at night.
I drew it for a show that will happen next week in Fidenza, a city near Parma. I'll play with my band Drug Problems and we'll share the stage with Johnny Y Los Santos Calavers and our blurred friends Donald Thompson. I'm pretty sure it's goin' to be fun.
I'll probably print 20 copies of this poster so if you wanna save one hit me via email.

Fight winter with a skateboard. Peace.