domenica 4 maggio 2014

...Is Dodelijk t-shirt artwork

Here's the t-shirt artwork i drew for the german punk band ...Is Dodelijk. I'm pretty stoked that they asked me to screenprint the tees aswell. Love to print the shit i draw!

A neverending circle of waste: drink, puke, bake, smoke and then do it again. I'll post pics of the printed tees next weekend when they'll be ready. In the meantime enjoy the art.

Another hand painted skateboard deck!

Here we are again! I painted another skateboard deck. In the beginning i was thinking about skating with it but right now i feel kinda doubtful about it.

Some of my favourite subjects are featured on this piece of wood: skateboards, pizza, skulls, bones, sunglasses and crappy melted dudes! 

It's a 8.125"x32.125" brand new deck and, as usual, it will be hanged on my already brimful bedroom wall. Fuck it!

Btw, sorry for the very poor pics!


Broken Teeth stuff

I've been so busy skating that i forgot to post here the Broken Teeth tees i printed some months ago. Got some of these still available in S, M, L sizes. Top quality 100% cotton tees, printed inner tags, screenprinted manually by myself. That's DIY, folks!

Get in touch if you want something or purchase it directly on the BIGCARTEL page.

Time to skate now! Peace.


domenica 6 aprile 2014


I've been listening to the Misfits (Danzig era dude!) since i was a young kid and they're still one of the coolest bands ever and a huge constant inspiration for me.

Spin a Misfits record and, if your mum agrees, grab your deck and go skate!

I ♥ Pizza

If you know me a little bit it's useless to say it... but if you don't know me, well: Pizza fuckin' rules.

Nothing more to say. Chill out and eat Pizza!

lunedì 24 febbraio 2014


I spent the night at the local Pub with some friends of mine. Not a lot to say: the situation in general is fucked, problems are everywhere and it seems that is not possible to live easily anymore.

Fuck problems, fuck slavery at work, fuck growin'up. Life is shit, deal with it.

The Dudes

I was feeling pretty uncomfortable by seein' everytime the poor crippled Satan alone so i decided to gave him a new friend! Right now this dudes are gettin' high together and hangin' out inside an A3 frame. Maybe one day i'll make some screenprintings of this piece.

Share your highness with someone else, smile and have fun!

Broken Teeth X The Elephant Skin

Saturday i've been to one of the coolest skate happenings ever! The good friends of the Bologna based brand ELEPHANT SKIN set up at the ARCADE INDOOR SKATEPARK (awesome place) their own SkateRock Contest and asked me to draw some shit for this event and for some t-shirts too.
They were looking for a Ganesh-inspired elephant obviously connected to skateboard and rock music. I also took part with a small exhibition of my latest original drawings.

Insane skateboarding, tons of cool people, friendship, good music and rad shit. Back in the days when skateboarding was about fun instead of shitty business.

High five, Elephant Skin!


venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

Broken Teeth x ARTO

I'll take part in the upcoming brand new issue of ARTO, an A6 format fanzine of images, photos and texts. A lot of good illustrators and photographers contributed to the previous issues so i'm really stoked to be a part of it! You can read it and get in touch with 'em at the following links:

Sadly i decided to put up for sale the ORIGINAL DRAWINGS (no digital prints neither screenprints) 'cause i need your fuckin' money. Cheap punk prices for original handmade illustrations. Help a starving guy to buy a new skateboard deck!

WASTE OF LIFE - Ink on paper, A4 size, 2014 (framed) 35€
VAFFANCULO - Ink on paper, A4 size, 2014 (framed) 35€
LIFE IS SHIT - Ink on paper, A4 size, 2014 (framed) 35€
DEAD SAILOR - Ink on paper, 13x18 cm, 2014 - (framed) 25€


Thursday Hangin' (and skatin') Out! 3 - Music, skateboards & Exhibitions

Here's the flyer i made for this stoking night in Milan! The really cool collective Queens of Chaos helped out Pig Power (a punk band from Slovenia where the guys behind R.O.W. Skateboards play... awesome people, seriously) and Drug Problems (the obnoxious band where i sing in) with a Thursday show. I've been asked to join the exhibition of R.O.W. Skateboards with some of my shitty stuff.
Thunderbeard (fuckin'cool illustrations) and Spaghetto Child skatecrew took also part in the event!

I personally want to say "thank you" to everyone involved and also to who showed up! Eventually i gotta say that i haven't seen such a good party since a long time.
High five, keep it goin'!

Sorry for the bad pic. Peace.


martedì 7 gennaio 2014

Get High Custom Skateboard Deck

Shitloads of beer, blunts and endless fun. Who said hell ain't no fun? This stoned Satan knows very well how to party and enjoy after-life.

This is a skateboard deck (8.25x32") i customized this week and i finished it just in time for my last-minute exhibition in Parma. I'll be showing some of my horrible creations during a local punk rock show and i'm very glad to do it.

I'm also workin' on some rad new shit that will see the light sooo soon. Stay stoned for more infos.

Rock'n'roll all night & party every fuckin' day! KISS rules, you suck!