lunedì 24 febbraio 2014


I spent the night at the local Pub with some friends of mine. Not a lot to say: the situation in general is fucked, problems are everywhere and it seems that is not possible to live easily anymore.

Fuck problems, fuck slavery at work, fuck growin'up. Life is shit, deal with it.

The Dudes

I was feeling pretty uncomfortable by seein' everytime the poor crippled Satan alone so i decided to gave him a new friend! Right now this dudes are gettin' high together and hangin' out inside an A3 frame. Maybe one day i'll make some screenprintings of this piece.

Share your highness with someone else, smile and have fun!

Broken Teeth X The Elephant Skin

Saturday i've been to one of the coolest skate happenings ever! The good friends of the Bologna based brand ELEPHANT SKIN set up at the ARCADE INDOOR SKATEPARK (awesome place) their own SkateRock Contest and asked me to draw some shit for this event and for some t-shirts too.
They were looking for a Ganesh-inspired elephant obviously connected to skateboard and rock music. I also took part with a small exhibition of my latest original drawings.

Insane skateboarding, tons of cool people, friendship, good music and rad shit. Back in the days when skateboarding was about fun instead of shitty business.

High five, Elephant Skin!